Your favorite Telegram channels in a single feed

Create your feed and read channels in one place right inside Telegram. It's convenient and free.

Telegrok aggregates channels into a single feed that’s easy to read

Familiar features

The feed is your personal Telegram channel with the publications from your selected channels.

Large Catalog of channels

Time saving

Read new posts with convenience and without switching channels.
Find more great content and new authors in our Catalog. Add to your feed with a single tap.

Create a feed for every interest you have

Build your collection of channels on interesting topics in Telegrok feeds. Read more conveniently and find what you need faster.

700,000+ channels in the Catalog

We have sorted and compiled interesting channels in Telegram on any topic. Search for new channels by category or keywords.

50+ categories

Easily find new channels by topic in the catalog

It's easy to start reading

Add new channels to your feeds with a single tap

Familiar interface and convenience

Your feeds work just like regular channels
Add feeds, delete what you no longer want to read–you control the feed and its content yourself
Customize feeds right inside Telegram in a convenient mini app
Share feeds with friends—just send a link to your feed


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